The HPPI Beautification Committee's mission is to preserve and encourage interest and awareness of the natural environment of the Hyde Park neighborhood.  The beautiful landscaping and trees of Hyde Park greatly enhance the neighborhood's aesthetic appeal.  The natural environment of Hyde Park also provides a wonderful experience for both neighbors and visitors while improving  air quality, home values, and sense of community. 

The HPPI Beautification Committee coordinates the neighborhood's Treescape program, the Yard of the Month Award, Hyde Park common area beautification projects, and the new resident resource and welcome kit.

The Treescape program partners with the City of Tampa and homeowners to replace dying laurel oaks with healthy live oaks that have a longer life span. In 2022-2023, we expect to plant 25+ new trees.

Beautification projects on the agenda this year include a butterfly garden in Kate Jackson park, support for a new park along Swann Avenue, sunshades in playground areas, and more.

The Yard of the Month Award is given each month to recognize homeowners who have clearly put time, effort and investment into their landscaping.  In selecting each month's winner, the HPPI Beautification committee looks for examples of landscaping that exhibit proportion, focal points of seasonal color, use of native plants, and diligent maintenance of lawns, shrubs and trees.  Whether our homeowners enlist the help of a professional or maintain their yards themselves, the HPPI Beautification committee recognizes and appreciates all efforts towards making our very special neighborhood more beautiful.

Looking for a landscaper? Click here for a list of vendors that have been instrumental in creating the beautiful spaces we enjoy all over the neighborhood, including our yard of the month winners and garden tour participants.


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